Sunday, February 12, 2012

Missing Griffin

This is our buddy Griffin, or Griffey, or Grifster, or Griffey-poo. He came to live with us in May after his 1st owner moved to San Fransisco and couldn't take him with her. This is a one of a kind dog, very loyal, listened pretty good and was a very good vacumn. We loved him and thought he would stay with us forever. But when the 1st owner moved into a pet-friendly apt, I felt like I needed to offer Griffin back to her. She was super excited. I am happy for her because her husband is in Dental school and super busy, so having Griffey back will be so good for her. We sure do miss him tho, miss his cuddles, and his excitement when we come home. Miss his playfulness, and wrestling with him. I even miss sleeping next to him, even when he was hogging the bed. We made the right decison giving him back, and hopefully he is happy out in San Fran. We hope she will come out to Utah soon, so we can have a visit!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ryan's Birthday!!

We surprised Ryan by picking him up from work and taking him to Rodizio's. We met up with Ry's best friend Rick and his wife April. Rick also shares the same birthday as Ryan so we try and get together each year to celebrate! The kids really enjoyed themselves and loved the food. I was taking the kids to the restroom and before we left they came around with Sausage, Logan's favorite. So he was running the whole way, excited to get back to his food. He's so funny. We also made Ry's favorite carrot cake, but were toooooo stuffed to enjoy it. It was such a fun night!
FYI Rick and April are looking to adopt, and they are going to make the most amzing parents. So please if you know of anyone going down that route I can forward you information. They are going through LDS Family Services. Thanks!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas 2011

What a wonderful Christmas! It was going to be the first Christmas that my WHOLE family was getting together in a long,long time. It was such a great time re-uniting and playing with cousins, eating lots of good food, just hanging out! Of course we had the big family party where Santa comes, my kids were soooo excited. they were actually very patient waiting for their name to be called. It's always a blast to see all my extended family, we are getting to be a very big bunch! After Santa leaves we dress up all the kiddos and do a Nativity. We even had a real sheep too, jk it was our dog Griffin. Lots of fun! My Mom made the cutest capes for the kids. My kids LOVE them, what a great idea.
Christmas morning was a lot of fun, Logan got everything Star War's, he absolutly luv's them. And Emma everything babies!
We had such a great Christmas and we are so blessed to live close to family.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Race for the Cure

What a great weekend! It started out having dinner @ PF Chang's, with their delicious Great Wall of Chocolate cake, ahh so yummy! Then we headed over to our hotel and then tried to do some shopping at the Gateway, but we had about 5 minutes before they closed. So we went back to the room and I painted most everyone's fingernail's bright pink, it's become a tradition!
The next morning was the race, it is such an awesome sight. I'm crying right now just thinking about it. So, so proud of my Mom who has beat it 3 times! It was right after the race last year that she broke her rib and then found out that the cancer was back in her bones. She amazes me. It was so special that we were able to do the race again, that she feel's healthy enough to do the race again. She is THE strongest person I know, and I can't say it enough but I'm so blessed to have her as my Mother. I can't wait to do the race again next year, LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!

Logan's Pre-School Graduation

Logan graduated on Saturday from pre-school! It was such a cute program full of fun songs. And yes I cried...He is my lil fella, growing up so quickly. I can't believe he will starting Kindergarten in August. Here are his teacher's Miss Ann and Miss P.J. And of course he had to get a fun little present afterwards, Star War's jammies and shirt. And a Chewbacca figure. He love's everything Star War's! Then we went out to eat and of course he picked Mcdonald's. Thanks Mom and Grandma for coming down, it was a fun day :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Some of our Favorite Thing's

The kid"s love going to The Treehouse Museum, they have so much to do and see there. Thanks to Poppy and Anna for the membership, we love it! They have a little fishing pond 5 minutes away and we love to go feed the ducks and have picnic's there. Anything messy is also a favorite of the kid's, finger-painting is always a great time! The kid's were being super quiet one afternoon so I went in to see what they had gotten into...but they were just sitting and reading their books! It was great, Logan would read them to Emma. It lasted for about an hour, ahh so nice :)

Soccer Fun

Logan started playing soccer, and he has loved every minute of it. Turns out he is pretty good! His 1st game he scored 3 times, next game 7, game after that 9!! He gets so excited he"ll run off the field holding up the # of goal's he has made on his finger's. Yesterday he met his match...the other team had a great player like Logan- and that realy frustrated Logan, he would get quite upset when the other team would score. He only scored 4 goals...he wasn't too happy with that, he wanted more of course. We do encourage him to pass the ball but he isn't too fond of that idea.
It's been so much fun to watch him play!