Sunday, February 12, 2012

Missing Griffin

This is our buddy Griffin, or Griffey, or Grifster, or Griffey-poo. He came to live with us in May after his 1st owner moved to San Fransisco and couldn't take him with her. This is a one of a kind dog, very loyal, listened pretty good and was a very good vacumn. We loved him and thought he would stay with us forever. But when the 1st owner moved into a pet-friendly apt, I felt like I needed to offer Griffin back to her. She was super excited. I am happy for her because her husband is in Dental school and super busy, so having Griffey back will be so good for her. We sure do miss him tho, miss his cuddles, and his excitement when we come home. Miss his playfulness, and wrestling with him. I even miss sleeping next to him, even when he was hogging the bed. We made the right decison giving him back, and hopefully he is happy out in San Fran. We hope she will come out to Utah soon, so we can have a visit!

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